A Professional Dress Code & Business Identity Sets You Apart.
We can help you source: The Right Subcontractors & Business Partner
We will work with you to create a smart Business Model & smashing Business Image.

Your Business will exude excellence and your customers will enjoy calling you back!

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Services that help you grow...

'Focus on your goals'

We will focus on your look

Looking to grow

We can help you connect with the right people.


Find a partner in us to expand your ideas or get new ones.


Establish a web presence that energizes you and your business!

Our Service Keeps you Happy more...

WebPrznt! | Smashing Business Identity | Good Partners

Subcontractors & Outside Help

Connecting with good workers is about the hardest thing to do in growing a business. We partner with you to find the right ones.

Logo Creation

What do you want your logo to project? Quality, Hard Work, Excellence.

Web Development

Start your business with a website that features your best work & professionalism.


Get coordinated tools to promote and conduct your business | Business Cards, Dress Code, Flyers, Letterheads, has to come together for you.


Meet Your Biggest Fan

Professional Engineer

Suzzette has been consulting for over 20 years;
Helping businesses jump from chaos into paths of recovery.


Professional Engineer, MSME
  • Professional Mechanical Engineer 36yrs
  • Html5 | CCS3-4 | Bootstrap | Javascript
  • JQuery | Adobe Suite | Painter 2019
  • Statistical Process Controls | 6 Sigma
  • FDA Controlled Products & Processes
  • Program Management | Time To Market
  • Critical Path Management
  • IT/SW/Mech Integration Director
  • Complex Electromechanical Systems
  • Inventions For Highly Complex Problems

I will help you provide your business with a sound foundation for growth. It will be a starting point that you can mold and enhance while conducting every day workflows. The everyday challenges will be realigned to step into a learning mode whereby each process helps you grow into a better business owner. Bringing structure to your business attracts costumers that will find you trustworthy and will want to share with others how awesome you are!

Some Work

You will like what you see

Introductory Pricing


Launch Pad Package

$ 625 Getting Started
Webprznt ME

Basic Features

  • Basic Logos - 2
  • Business Cards - 500
  • 1 Website - 2-3pgs
  • 1 yr Domain - Free
  • 1 yr Hosting - Free
  • Basic SSL - Free
  • This requires:
  • Yearly Renewal-$345

Equipped Package

$ 820 Larger Scale
Webprznt ME


  • Basic Features - Included
  • Website - 3-4pgs
  • 4x6 Post Cards - 100
  • Invoice Form - E-Form
  • Letter/Env Forms - E-Form
  • Email Template - 1
  • This requires:
  • Yearly Renewal-$365

Dressed-Up Package

$ 1250Min New Look
Webprznt ME

Extra Features

  • Equipped - Included
  • Website - 4-5pgs
  • Car Magnets - 2
  • Dress Code - $400+
  • Web Maint. - $495/yr
  • Sourcing - $200/mo
  • This requires:
  • Yearly Renewal-$465

Consulting Package

$ 2200 Access Features
Webprznt ME

Consulting Access

  • Web Package - Any
  • $2200 - One Time Fee
  • Partners Setup - 3
  • Ecommerce - Custom
  • IT/SW Setup - Custom
  • Business Plan - Contact
  • 1st Consulting - $1000/mo
  • Renewal - 5hrs/$625/mo

Reasons for Choosing Us

Your package will accentuates the good points you already possess, transfom those that require alignment with your new goals and establish a foundation for growth. Your business image will promote the excellence in all you do! Don't wait to work on your dreams and passions. Take action:

  • Contact us today.
  • Tell us your dreams and passions.
  • Let us devise a plan for a new you.



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We'd like to understand your need and customize our offers. Keep in mind a logo can multiply the business value of your company to achieve your next profit level. We work with you to determine how to best project your image and step into a sustainable business identity.


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